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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Morinda's new opportunity page

Opportunity page

Have you noticed something new on In case you missed it, Morinda made a massive upgrade to its opportunity page yesterday, and it will hopefully be a valuable, beautiful and informative tool for your recruits and prospects. You need to check it out right now! And please let us know what you think in the comments below!

When we were creating and designing the new opportunity page, we kept coming back to one concept: The Morinda Life. We wanted the new opportunity page to showcase all of the amazing, wonderful things Morinda has to offer. We wanted to clearly show your prospects, customers and recruits how their lives would be better with Morinda. Looking at the new opportunity page, I can say with confidence that we achieved our goal.

The first thing you’ll see on the new opportunity page is our lovely opportunity video called “Morinda: A Better Way.” If you haven’t seen this video yet, please take some time to watch it. You’ll love it! You can watch the whole thing all at once, or in different segments. That video is the opportunity page’s crown jewel.

Next you’ll see five different sections: Improved Health, Financial Freedom, Life Experiences, Personal Development and The Community. Each section is designed to give you a different glimpse into what it means to live a Morinda life. A Morinda life is healthy, free, strong and full of amazing experiences. A Morinda life will give you access to products, tools and resources to make all of your personal, financial and business dreams come true. I won’t go into extreme detail here; instead, I encourage you to visit each page yourself and take a look. I’m confident you’ll see just why Morinda is so special, and you’ll want to share this great stuff with all of your prospects.

Most importantly, though, the new opportunity page is super easy for any interested prospect to sign up and join the Morinda family. There are ample opportunities for every visitor to enroll; there is a sign-up link at the end of every section, and it’s extremely easy for IPCs to guide their guests through the process.

Visit the new Morinda opportunity page today. I highly encourage you to get to know it for yourself, so that you can more effectively share it with your potential business partners. We built this for you! Please give it your fullest attention.

Morinda's new opportunity page

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