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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Come learn about our four Whole Food Blends

Whole Food Blends

They say that good things come to those who wait, and that certainly applies to Morinda’s TruAge Whole Food Blends, which will debut in January. We’ve previously told you about these great upcoming products that will be available for a limited time, and now we’d like to give you some more information about what they’re like.

There will be four different blends, each based on a color. You see, your diet needs more colors! Different colored natural foods provide different health benefits thanks to their phytonutrients. According to America’s Phytonutrient Report (2010), 69 percent of Americans don’t get enough green fruits and vegetables in their diet. It gets even worse for the other colors, with 74 percent not getting enough red, 76 percent not getting enough purple, and 80 percent not getting enough orange.

Simply put, we need to eat more colors when it comes to natural foods, and TruAge Whole Food Blends will help us do just that.

The blends will be available in individually packaged on-the-go sticks, making it easy for you to mix up a drink whenever and wherever you are. They will taste great when simply mixed with water, but can also be added to any other beverage. In fact, I’m sure you’re already thinking about some great smoothie recipes to try out!

Each of the four blends will have upwards of 12 fruits and vegetables. Twelve! Just think about it – how many different fruits and vegetables do you eat on any given day? Odds are it isn’t 12! And even if you do eat lots of produce, fruits and vegetables purchased in the supermarket can have greatly reduced nutrient levels, depending on how long ago they were picked. Produce that has been quickly freeze-dried, however, retains more of its nutrients, and that will be the case with our blends.

Oh, and these blends will only use natural ingredients. So yes, they will most certainly be GMO-free!

So, without further ado, below are the four different colored blends we will be offering.

TruAge Whole Food Blends Green: When you were young, did your parents always tell you to eat your greens? Chances are they were just referring to vegetables, but green fruits also provide great benefits. Our green blend contains phytonutrients that support arterial function, lung health, liver function and cell health.

TruAge Whole Food Blends Red: Getting your greens is important, but so is getting your reds! Derived from various red fruits and vegetables, Whole Food Blends Red supports prostate health, urinary tract and DNA protection, and is heart healthy.

TruAge Whole Food Blends Orange: Next up is our orange blend, which contains phytonutrients that support eye health, healthy immune function, healthy skin, and healthy growth and development.

TruAge Whole Food Blends Purple: Finally, it’s purple’s time to shine! Purple fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients that support healthy aging, and are good for your heart, brain, bones, arteries, and even your memory.

I know it will be hard to wait until January to try out these blends, but I promise the wait will be worth it!

Come learn about our four Whole Food Blends

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