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Monday, 16 November 2015

Cyber Monday features

Cyber Monday

Alright everyone, what happens exactly two weeks from today? If you said anything other than Cyber Monday, then your priorities are off!  It’s already a gargantuan online shopping day for consumers, and with Morinda having its first ever Cyber Monday, November 30 is going to be even more exciting for you!

Let’s give a recap of the exciting things coming your way on Cyber Monday.

It will be the first time you can buy our new 
TruAge products and gift bundles, as well as our new ML Boutique lineof stylish jewelry. This is exciting for anyone eager to try out the next great Morinda products, as well as anyone looking to get holiday gifts for their friends and family. The gift bundles will only be available for a limited time, so don’t hesitate to pick some up!

Of course, what would Cyber Monday be without some great savings? Throughout the day, we’ll be holding flash sales that are similar to our Daily Deals. However, instead of lasting a full day, these deals will periodically change to a new one every few hours. Oh, and some of these flash sales will feature an exclusive item!

Speaking of that exclusive item, it is one of two exciting surprises regarding Cyber Monday that we will announce via an email the day before. So, don’t forget to check your email inbox on Sunday, November 29 for all the Cyber Monday information you will need!

Yeah, you could say we’re pretty excited about Cyber Monday here at Morinda. It’s not only a way to get your holiday shopping done and take advantage of some great savings, but it’s also a huge business opportunity for IPCs. So, make sure to fill out your 
Cyber Monday gift planner, tell everyone you know about Morinda’s Cyber Monday, and visit
 early and often on November 30!

Cyber Monday features

Welcome to the world of Morinda where you can learn to « live younger longer ».
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