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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Cyber Monday Success Stories from the Field


With a more than 300-percent increase in single-day sales, Morinda’s corporate staff understood the Cyber Monday promotion to be a raving success. In the weeks following the promotion, more and more stories of individual success from the field have come out as well.

Armed with the launch of new TruAge products and ML Boutique, unprecedented full-volume gift cards, cheerful gift bundles and free shipping, IPCs all over the country have let us know exactly what they thought about Cyber Monday. Check out some of these comments:

•    Brandon Missouri said: “My volume increased, and so did my check! Thumbs up from me for Cyber Monday.”
•    John Purcell, who experienced a 450-percent increase in volume, said: “Cyber Monday had a big part in the increased volume. It gave [my team] something to focus on and really work toward.”
•    Ann Wilson said: “The gift bundles and the products were great. I was pleased.”
•    Roy Fontenette said: “The ML Boutique was really an eye catcher for many of my customers. Having jewelry makes sense… who really wants to get health products [as a gift] from their significant other?”

One of Cyber Monday’s biggest fans this year was Morinda’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Shon Whitney, who is beyond excited about the promotion’s incredible reception. He said:

"Cyber Monday was a huge success this year. This is just the beginning – the Morinda Community is going to offer our IPCs a huge slice of income in 2016!"

Needless to say, the Cyber Monday promotion gave us all reassurance of Morinda’s ability to capitalize on products and timing. Look for Morinda’s first Limited-Time Offer (LTO) promotion, the Whole Food Blends, available early next year.

Don’t forget to grab the last of Morinda’s gift bundles and dreamy ML Boutique items before they run out!

Cyber Monday Success Stories from the Field

Welcome to the world of Morinda where you can learn to « live younger longer ».
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