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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Prestigious Nuku Hiva Club receives one of its first members

Nuku Hiva club

Since its inception several years ago, the Nuku Hiva Club is proud to announce one of its first members: Lily Suryana Setiawan.

Lily has begun qualifying for the Nuku Hiva Club and will be among the first to have achieved membership in the prestigious club. This club comes with a pretty spectacular award: upon completion of her qualifications, Lily will receive a cash award of half a million dollars (wow!).

Lily’s exceptional leadership skills have helped her achieve this prestigious membership.

“The keys to be successful [with Morinda] are passion about what you are doing and educating others to do their part,” Lily said. “We are not building followers, we are building leaders.”

Lily’s relationship with Morinda began more than 15 years ago. She was a housewife in 2000 when a friend of a friend introduced her to Morinda. When invited to buy some Tahitian Noni Juice, she was skeptical, but nevertheless decided to make a purchase. Lily didn’t do much with the bottle until the day she gave it to her husband to try and he had his own firsthand experience with its benefits. Lily decided to join Morinda and has been building her business ever since.

“Morinda is a lifestyle that can change people in terms of health and wealth,” Lily said. “What drives me every day is [the fact that] everyone everywhere is deserving of what I have been receiving.”

What has Lily done already to start qualifying? She personally sponsored four other active Black Pearl Club members. This represents an awesome amount of volume, inspiring leadership and exceptional teamwork. There are four quarters of qualification to gain membership into the club. Lily has qualified once, and is well on her way to maintain those qualifications for the requisite three additional quarters. For more specific details about the Nuku Hiva Club, click here or contact Morinda’s Commissions Department.

Prestigious Nuku Hiva Club receives one of its first members

Welcome to the world of Morinda where you can learn to « live younger longer ».
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