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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Learn to Live Younger Longer

During the past year I’ve had numerous conversations with specialists, doctors and interns regarding health and old age.
I live in France which has an excellent health system, probably one of the best in the world. Whether the country can afford it is another matter.
Of course there is a problem for the old and decrepit during the holiday periods when left alone, their own doctor on holiday they have difficulty contacting emergency services. The French emergency services are very gung ho and do a superb job. One feels though that during the holidays they are busy picking up cyclists with broken legs or swimmers stung by jelly fish etc. After all these are people who bring money into the local economy, tourism being a major industry whilst the elderly are a drain on that same economy.
I mentioned to these medical people that the government encouraged one and all to keep up with their various health tests, annually or every 2, 3 ,4 and 5 years. Catch it early and we’ll cure you is the slogan. Well and good. But then between 75 and 80 these tests stop. When I enquired why I’m told that at that age even if some disease is found it is probably too dangerous to operate so nothing more is done.
One is then handed over to the care of the geriatric services who doubtless spoon feed one and generally look after one until it’s time to move onward, all funeral services organized in advance.
It reminds me a little of the worker who after 40 years loyal service to his employer is rewarded by a drink, a tea service and a small pension to keep him going until Old Man Time comes a’ knockin at the door.
The French are ill equipped to deal with a population that is living longer and still has need of a decent income so that the period between what is called retirement and death is not spent “sitting in a box, looking at a box, waiting for a box”.
Of course there are answers to these questions but one must look for them and break the mold that the system has put one in.


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