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Monday, 5 June 2017

How to feel younger longer. Why Morinda has so much to offer you.

I am British, 78 years old, and live in France. In fact I’ve spent most of my life abroad somewhere in the world.

It is a fact that people today live longer than earlier generations. The question that raises is what is one going to do with oneself from the onset of old age at 60 until one becomes too decrepit to function at let us say 85. Of course these ages will vary depending on the country one lives in and the socio/economic factors involved. The age of retirement varies from country to country as does the pension.

I read some time ago that in France out of 100 people entering the work force between the ages of 20 and 25 years only 4 would have a financially comfortable retirement. Money also plays a major part in life expectancy as the better off social levels eat better and have more access to medical services.
So what is one to do to keep active as long as one is capable?

I found the answer in a company called Morinda. In fact I didn’t, it was an associate I’d known for a number of years who had been introduced to it by a Canadian.  This was a group of 4 very serious businessmen who were thinking about launching this product in France.

I have found the people one is associated with is the first criteria in entering a business. If you are lucky enough to be associated with a group which has been working as a team for over 30 years that is a major part of the battle.

The company one is associated with should either have a unique product or be the leader in its chosen field. It was the company Morinda, then known as Tahitian Noni, which put noni on the market. A plant, Miranda citrifolia,  which had existed for two thousand years in Polynesia but had never been commercialised. Since then there have been dozens of companies which have tried to get a hold on the market but none have ever come a close second.

Of course the product should also bring value. A great advantage of health products is that one can consume them oneself and find out the truth. I’ve been taking noni juice for 14 years now and never looked back.  The number and variety of the products has increased over the years. Anti-aging, skin care and a range of beauty products for example.

Another factor to take into account is the longevity of the company. Created in 1996, last year it celebrated its 20th anniversary. It also has one of the fastest growth records of private companies in the United States.

Finally, payments. 54% of turnover is returned to Morinda’s associates. In all its existence Morinda has never missed a payment.

Morinda is now seriously turning its attention to marketing on internet and the social networks.

So every morningwhen I get up I have something to look forward to. After all somewhere in the world a bottle of our noni is sold every 1.8 seconds.

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